Creative Mechanical provides an innovative approach to the design and fabrication of custom-built equipment for the commercial and industrial markets. Equipment we have fabricated has been shipped worldwide, providing water treatment and/or fluid handling for various products and industries, including cooling tower, boiler and other chemical feed systems, aircraft and power plant fuel pumping systems, ammonia systems, wastewater treatment systems, etc.

Our approach is based on achieving the most cost effective system while ensuring full compliance with the customer’s needs and specifications. We apply this same expertise to all fluid handling applications, beyond just water treatment. We can custom design a system for many applications.

We work with customers in many ways, from assisting with design and engineering to providing complete design and engineering thru fabrication, assembly and testing. We can also simply fabricate and/or assemble from the customers drawing’s, or anywhere in between.

Our attention to detail ensures a quality system. Our people care about what ships out of our facility and they make sure the equipment is correct before it leaves. All systems are fully tested before leaving our facility.